Airbus Crisa provides an extensive catalogue of solutions to manage the actuators and effectors required by space systems, from mechanism control to temperature control, also including valve driving and pyrotechnic electronics.

Our mechanism control products include Electric Motor Driving electronics for a wide variety of uses, such as scan electronics, control momentum gyro mechanism and filter wheels.

Thermal control products are available for all types of spacecraft. Airbus Crisa offers solutions for both platforms and instruments, including specialized thermal control units such as cryogenics cooler electronics.


Electric Motors Driving


Control Momentum Gyroscope Electronics (CMG-E) and Scan Drive Electronics (SDE) are two of the excellence products designed and developed in Airbus Crisa. The CMG-E is the unit in charge of driving the wheel and gimbal motors of the Control Momentum Gyro Mechanisms (CMG-M) to provide to the satellite with high torque capability actuators for agile satellite attitude control.

Airbus Crisa has also developed instrument control electronics to control and manage scan and refocusing mechanism stepper motors.


Cooler Electronics

Cooler Electronics

Cryogenic Cooler Systems are key elements in many Earth Observation and Astronomy instruments working in the infrared band of the electromagnetic spectrum. Airbus Crisa has developed Cooler Drive Electronic units to manage these systems, providing high levels of efficiency and performance.

With products for the main types of cooler systems (Stirling Coolers and Pulse Tube Coolers), Airbus Crisa solutions offer state-of-the-art features such as micro-vibration cancellation, active EMI filtering and control algorithms re-configurability.


Thermal Control Units

Temperature Regulation

Airbus Crisa’s solutions for controlling the temperature have been used by many types of spacecraft, from large telecommunication satellites to the iconic Orion vehicle.
Accurate temperature measurement of many points of the spacecraft and commanding of elements belonging to the active and passive control systems are key features of these units. They can have different level of intelligence, from pure slave to fully autonomous and programmable operation, according to the System’s needs.