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Space technology from Spain

Image credit: NASA

Airbus Crisa designs and produces state-of-the-art electronic products for space applications that range from satellites, deep space probes and orbital infrastructure to space transportation systems.

Motivated by a commitment to continuous innovation, and backed by the strategy of investments in research and development, the company’s products continually evolve in response to customer’s needs.

Airbus Crisa has proven its ability to meet requirements for all types of missions, equipping everything from large telecommunication satellites, new-space constellations and agile Earth observation platforms to scientific and deep space exploration probes.


Airbus Crisa technology: Space Electronics populated printed circuit board

Electronics Engineering Processes

Spacecrafts and launchers are among the most ambitious and complex systems ever developed. In designing and building electronic equipment for space missions, Airbus Crisa applies its mastery of state-of-the-art technologies, backed by dozens of highly skilled professionals who are experts in all the key disciplines.



Airbus Crisa’s solutions

From ensuring proper on-board temperatures and providing the delicate control for spacecraft and launchers, Airbus Crisa’s innovative solutions build on the company’s heritage in almost all types of electronics with the highest precision and performance.


Airbus Crisa Careers: our Human Resources Team will guide you thorught the recruitment process

Miguel Gutiérrez-Rivas

Head of Human Resources

If you are looking for an opportunity to work in the most challenging space programs from Spain.



Who We Are

At Airbus Crisa, a space company in Spain,  technology reaches new heights every day – with its systems and equipment utilized in space missions that cover the spectrum from monitoring the Earth’s environment to unlocking secrets of the solar system and the universe.

The company is recognized for innovative solutions in advanced electronic components, cutting-edge design, manufacturing tools and processes, new materials for thermal management and electrical insulation, as well as new architectures for power electronics and digital control.

Its product portfolio includes electronics for space transportation systems, active antennas for satellites, front-end electronics, and electric propulsion units.

Airbus Crisa has earned its position as a leader in its sector, having proven its capabilities on Spanish national projects, as well as in European Space Agency (ESA) collaborative programmes and as a trusted supplier to U.S. customers.

Employing more than 500 highly qualified personnel, Airbus Crisa is a legally independent company integrated in Airbus Defence and Space – benefitting from the resources of this aerospace industry world leader.