At  Airbus Crisa we have all the space you need.

Space to be safe, space to take care of your health and the others, space for inclusion...  




What are you going to do?
Our electronic technology contributes to the development of society.

Caring for others and caring for ourselves - safety and security.




How we work

We work on a project basis with conciliation and flexibility measures.

We have a space full of opportunities to innovate

A diverse, inclusive and equality-minded space

Alfonso Paz

Product Owner Industrialisation

"I feel that here I can find  professional challenges at a high level, but with the opportunity to also reconcile my free time and my personnal interests outside work."


Employee Benefits

How we care

Airbus Crisa offers a complete package to ensure the wellbeing and personal life conciliation of our employees.

Here is a list of some of our benefits:



Mireia Ortiz

Quality Assurance

"Working for Airbus Crisa means not only working for a great company, but for a company that cares."

"The employee benefits package supports amongst other children school check and health insurance discounts."