Airbus Crisa is a place where we are involved in the design of electronics for launchers, satellites, scientific instruments and manned space vehicles that contribute to the exploration of the universe and the use of space for the benefit of mankind.

This is the spirit that has brought us this far.

It is the thinking that has made us a world leader in the design and manufacture of on-board electronic equipment and systems.

If you share our passion with us, this is the place for you.



Production capacity for more than 100 equipment units/systems annually.

More than 2,000 square metres of fully-equipped clean rooms for manufacturing, integration and testing.


1,500 square metres of ISO Class 8 clean room facilities.

Reception and storage of incoming components and stock, automated pick-and-place, hand soldering stations, reflow and selective soldering, gluing and coating, visual inspection and X-ray inspection.

Lead-free automated manufacturing line for higher rates to meet the production of launchers and constellation satellites



Clean Room

Quality inspection and equipment integration.


Delivery and storage

Automatic storage system.

Integration and Testing:

1,000 square metres of ISO Class 8 clean rooms for integration, electrical and functional testing, as well as environmental and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) testing.


Vibration Test Lab

Two shakers tables: 89 kN & 74 kN.


Thermal Vacuum Chambers

Two spatial simulators: 3 and 1.5 cubic meters.

ISO standard logo

Crisa Environmental and Energy Policy - ISO 14001


- Contaminated packaging waste

- Yellow fraction waste


- Water consumption in case of fire



Esther Leal

Agile Transformation, PMO & DOCK

"Working in a company that always challenges the state of technology motivates me to give my best, every day.

It’s a source of personal pride that the contributions of my work are in every corner of the solar system."

Airbus Crisa careers: Ana Mª Goñi - General & Site Services Management

Ana Mª Goñi

General & Site Services Management

"What I value most in a company like Airbus Crisa is the modern and pleasant working environment, along with the recognition of work and people…and last, but not least, the emphasis on continuous improvement."

Airbus Crisa careers: Luis Gómez - Primary Power Design Engineer

Luis Gomez

Primary Power Design Engineer

"Airbus Crisa presents the perfect setting for my personal and professional development, giving me the opportunity to participate in innovative projects with high scientific and social value that contribute to improving the world."