Airbus Crisa’s facilities are designed to promote innovation, quality, and safety, underscoring the company's commitment to excellence in space electronics manufacturing.

Production capacity is sized for the annual output of more than 200 equipment units/systems, backed by more than 3,000 square metres of fully-equipped clean rooms for manufacturing, integration and testing.

Lead-free automated manufacturing line for higher-rate production to meet the equipment needs of launch vehicles and satellite constellations.



Space to collaborate

  • Open office space, designed to enhance the work experience and increase productivity.

  • A modern and collaborative design, with open workstations and program plateaus.

  • Shared conference rooms, as well as informal meeting and working areas.


Manufacturing areas

Manufacturing cleanrooms 

  • 1,500 m2 Manufacturing facilities ISO 8  guarantee  the complete production cycle of our products.

  • Dynamic storage system, reception and shipments of goods.

  • Lead and Lead-Free Manufacturing: 

    Automatic reflow soldering line, selective soldering, hand soldering and equipment integration.

  • Gluing and coating: 

    Automatic varnish line, gluing and coating.

  • Verification and inspection of each unit individually.


Integration and testing areas

  • 1,500 square metres of ISO Class 8 clean rooms for integration, electrical and functional testing, as well as environmental and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) testing.

  • 6 testing areas (class 100.000-ISO 8) for Integration and Electrical, Functional, environmental tests, 1000 m2 in total.

  • Vibrating Testing Laboratory: Two Shakers, 89 kN and 74kN

  • 3 Thermal Vacuum Chambers Max 3 m3

  • 7 Thermal Chambers Max Temperature Range -184ºC to +315ºC