Airbus Crisa designs and produces state-of-the-art electronic products for space applications that range from satellites, deep space probes and orbital infrastructure to space transportation systems.

Motivated by a commitment to continuous innovation, and backed by the strategy of investments in research and development, the company’s products continually evolve in response to customer’s needs.

Airbus Crisa has proven its ability to meet requirements for all types of missions, equipping everything from large telecommunication satellites, new-space constellations and agile Earth observation platforms to scientific and deep space exploration probes.


View of the solar system form Jupiter. Airbus Crisa´s electronics participate on exploration missions of Jupiter and Mars among others

Exploring the solar system

Image credit: NASA/JPL

Airbus Crisa’s participation in demanding missions to the Sun and Moon, to the planets and out into deep space are helping answer such fundamental questions as how were the Earth and other planets formed…is there other life in the solar system…and what happened after the Big Bang?

The space probes that are unraveling these mysteries rely on mission-critical equipment and systems from Airbus Crisa for power management, monitoring and analysis, control electronics and processing.

The Hubble's Cosmic Reef: our participation on astornomy and telescope missions let us discover the mysteries of the universe

Investigating the universe

Image credit: NASA, ESA, and STSci

From mapping more than a billion stars in the Milky Way to capturing spectacular images of galaxies, Airbus Crisa-equipped space probes are providing new perspectives on the universe.

To accomplish these missions, spacecraft systems must operate in the most difficult environments, as they are subjected to conditions that include extreme temperatures and high levels of radiation.

Copernicus constellation satellites in orbit

Serving Society

Earth-orbiting satellites are the silent sentinels that play an important in everyone’s daily lives – with such duties as observing Earth’s increasingly fragile environment and predicting the weather, ensuring global telecommunications, and broadcasting entertainment programming to fixed and mobile users.

As these satellites continue to evolve, Airbus Crisa is positioned to develop and produce the power systems that respond their mission needs in the most demanding operational needs.

Our contribution is key to the launchers that send to space missions like Artemis

From Earth to space

Image credit: NASA

Since the dawn of the space age, launch vehicles have become increasingly powerful and versatile as they send thousands of payloads into Earth orbit and beyond.

Airbus Crisa’s expertise in power systems has evolved during the past three-decades, responding to market demands for launchers that are more competitive with increased modularity, flexibility and producibility.